Our Treatments

Hair Treatments

We are specialists in hair transplantation and have made it our mission to provide our clients with the best care and services.

Dental treatments

We will provide you with the highest quality treatment options available in order to help keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Eye Treatments

With a professional, qualified eye surgeon, you can have all your questions answered and be sure that you are safe in the hands of an expert.

Weight Loss

A medical weight loss program includes a comprehensive plan to help you lose weight and should be supervised by a trained professional.

Medical Checkup

A complete physical examination is a thorough evaluation of all parts of your body. It includes a variety of tests and procedures, depending on your age, sex and general health.



Step 1

To find a treatment, simply click on any of the treatments from the Quick Link below. https://medtourismtr.com/treatments

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Our Patient Request Form is an easy way to communicate with your doctor. Just complete the form and submit it securely through our website.

Click on this link for easy access: https://medtourismtr.com/ContactUsForm

Step 3

We believe that the best possible treatment starts with obtaining an accurate diagnosis of your condition. That’s why we offer free consultation before your trip. This will allow us to ensure that your procedure is medically appropriate and the correct care is received.

Step 4

According to the treatment you choose, we search for the best available healthcare provider to meet the patient's needs. Your visit will be completely confidential and all information about you is kept secure.

Step 4

Get a quote for your treatment plan by completing the Request Quote form. We will then send you details of the costs for your treatment and make sure that we are transparent about any hidden charges that might be involved.

Click on this link for easy access: https://medtourismtr.com/ RequestQuote

Step 5

You can book an appointment online: https://medtourismtr.com/contact-us or by Whatsapp through this telephone number:

+90 507 505 55 56


Step 7

Your health is our top priority. Doctors work with your surgical team to evaluate, monitor, and supervise your care before, during, and after surgery—ensuring your optimal safety. Planning ahead can help ensure you have a successful procedure and heal faster with a smooth recovery.

Step 8

Get treated and enjoy your stay in Turkey. We have made special arrangements for you - book now and specify the type of treatment that suits you. We do not want to compromise on your holiday experience so please confirm your selection by filling up the Arrival & Accommodation Form online prior to your arrival.

Click on this link for easy access: https://medtourismtr.com/ Arrival_Accommodation

Step 9
Medical Exam


A pre-operative physical examination is necessary for all surgeries to ensure that the patient is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia and surgery. Elements of a Pre-operative physical evaluation includes a physical examination, cardiac evaluation, lung function assessment, and appropriate laboratory tests.

Step 10

On the day of procedure, you will meet with our doctors and staff who will take care of you during your procedure. We are here for you and we’ll help answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Step 11

Medical tourism allows you to take advantage of competitively priced medical procedures in other countries. You should always keep in mind about recovery and medical follow-ups when choosing to have a medical trip to exotic locations. As with any form of surgery or medical treatment, the recuperation period after these procedures are are part of recovery. The length and manner of recovery will depend on the medical procedure rendered

Step 12

For this reason, we recommend our patients to stay close to the clinic for a few days. The best time to travel after the procedure in about two to three days, especially if you're traveling by plane.